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Lazio, Rome, Italy

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About the location

Around 50 minutes from the bustling centre of Rome is the tranquillity and beauty of the medieval village of Mazzano. 250m above sea level and surrounded by the forest of the Treja Regional Park, the ancient Etruscan past of this village is felt on every corner.

Steeped in natural beauty, Mazzano with its clean environment is a popular retreat for many Roman families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Go learn to cook with Chef Fabio at his cooking school set in a beautifully restored medieval building in the heart of the village. Fabio has exceptional culinary skills and food knowledge and a passion for teaching and sharing his local knowledge with visitors to the region.

Discover an altogether different side of Rome as you escape the city for complete rest, relaxation and indulgence in the food and wine from the region seeing Mazzano through locals’ eyes.

In a fun and informal setting you will learn to cook delicious recipes that will take you on not only a culinary journey but also a cultural one.

- Learn to cook in Chef Fabio’s cooking school set in a beautifully restored medieval building in the heart of the village of Mazzano
- Located around 50 minutes drive from the centre of Rome escaping the hustle and bustle of the city centre
- Learn the techniques to cook regional dishes with a focus on fresh, local ingredients, full of flavour and simple to prepare and recreate once back home
- Cook with friendly and easy going Fabio
- Hands-on classes with small groups for personal attention
- Discover delicious wines from the region
- See where the locals go to escape the city and discover the area under the guidance of Chef Fabio on a walk around Mazzano to explore this medieval village
- If you choose to stay overnight, stay in the guest house in one of the restored rooms that cleverly mix modernity with features from the original building
- Overlooking the tranquil Treja river and the Teja regional park