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M Reinfuss, USA - Jun 2019

An amazing week in a beautiful setting of Southern France. Chefs David and Bernard were so very nice with incredible enthusiasm for teaching us great cooking skills. It was a wonderful experience highly recommended for anyone who would enjoy learning new cooking skills in a fabulous place.

C Harris, Grange over Sands, Cumbria, UK - Jun 2019

P Price, Earlwood , Australia - Jun 2018

Does exactly what it promises and so much more. It was very hands on so we all learned an enormous amount and got to eat the fruits of our labours each day. Plus we visited museums, chateaux, had a private Armagnac tasting, shopped at the market, toured the area and ate like kings. Excellent course

V Eaton, Oldbury, Great Britain - Sep 2017

Absolutely fantastic holiday. I would (and I have) recommend it to anyone. I have also recommended Go Learn To as a company, to anyone who would like to do anything a bit different for a holiday.

C Vogt, Woodcote, United Kingdom - Aug 2017

The French Cooking and Wine Holiday is a beautiful course. There is something for everyone in this course, from exquisite and authentic cooking to local sightseeing, Armagnac tasting sessions and of course having a great time dining and reaping the rewards of a busy cooking day.

V Cliff, London, England - Aug 2017

Totally enjoyable in every respect. Staying in a charming farmhouse in a tiny hamlet with fabulous views over the valley, first class hands on tuition from two expert chefs with different styles, welcomed like members of the family, divine food and oodles of it, and interesting visits of the locality. Thoroughly recommend.

L O'Hara, Gloucester , UK - May 2017

Brilliant - all arrangements worked perfectly including transfers from Toulouse. Excellent hosts with equally excellent tuition.

E Rumboll, Cape Town, South Africa - Apr 2017

Memorable experience. Came away with real cooking skills and techniques.

J Smith, Wokingham, United Kingdom - Apr 2017

The cooking school provided a wonderful learning experience, the mix between learning in the school and an actual restaurant kitchen was excellent, and David and Vikki and Bernard couldn't be more helpful and hospitable. I would definitely do it again.

M Thomas Dye, Honolulu, US - May 2016

This was a terrific holiday for my wife and me, and we recommend it highly. The chefs/instructors David and Bernard each have their own cooking and instruction style. It was really helpful to see both approaches and a treat to be able to work in each of their kitchens. The lessons covered a lot of ground, and we worked hard and learned a lot. The food, wine, and tours the cooking school offers are all great. Normally we enjoy traveling and finding places to eat, but for the week we were there - it was simply relaxing to not even have to think about what to do for any given meal. But the real reason this was such a great holiday for us is Vikki. Vikki and David operate the cooking school out of their sprawling home that includes several private guest rooms. Don't get me wrong, David and Bernard are great - really great, and there is little chance the school would work without either of them. But the underlying experience is based on David and Vikki's hospitality.

S Brown, Banchory, Scotland - May 2016

An amazing experience! I was very concerned about travelling on my own and nervous I would be out of my depth but the quality of the lessons was superb David and Bernard were so patient and helpful. Vikki is definitely the jewel in the crown with her wonderful bubbly personality making you feel at home right from the minute you arrive. A wonderful holiday in beautiful surroundings. I would recommend to anyone.

P Isotalus, Helsinki, Finland - Oct 2015

A Stovin, Alford, UK - Sep 2015

M Candy Ling, Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Aug 2015

Gascony Cookery School offered me wonderful learning holiday, not only I can bring back the cooking skill to home, but also the warmth and friendliness of the hosts and teachers there. In addition to the course and the staff, they have a amazing nature environment and very well-equipped room.

T Connolly, Willesden, UK - Jul 2015

If you're reading this you're probably looking for a cooking holiday, stop, you have found it! If you want to experience real French village life, draw on and learn from two VERY experienced chefs with a passion for food then this cookery holiday is for you. I'm going back!

M Peter Culverwell, 1 Cavendish Crescent, Bath - Jun 2015

This has to be a better sort of holiday than lying on a beach ! Lots of wine good company and iteresting excursions as well. 5 stars

S Seymour, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong - May 2015

As an absolute beginner, I had some apprehension prior to starting this excellent course. Fortunately, David and Bernard combined wit, charm and considerable technical skill to produce a very enjoyable experience. Vikki, David's wife and co-host, was equally charming and made all participants feel at ease. The accommodation was first rate and the tours of the local area provided everyone with a unique perpective on why Gascony is so popular with visiters and residents alike. I thoroughly recommend this holiday and look forward to returning for an advanced course in the near future.

L Standen, Betchworth, UK - Apr 2015

Wonderful holiday enjoyed by my daughter and myself. David, Vikki and Bernard were helpful, informative and very friendly. The accommodation was excellent and the views were amazing.

A Meadows, Saffron Walden, UK - Oct 2014

The course was very good and I learnt a lot and had a good time. However I had an issue with the transfers. The School is not geared up to doing more than one set of transfers a day and my flight times were different to the other people on the course. This meant that there was no one at the airport to meet me and I had a 5-6 hour wait at Toulouse airport on the way back. When I booked I asked Go Learn if I should hire a car and was told that I would be better not doing so. I wish I had.

Reply from Supplier: Sorry for the confusion with transfers. This has been taken on board and will be co-ordinated and communicated by the cookery school better in the future.

R Howat, Yarm, UK - Oct 2014

Great experience to learn with David and Bernard. I now have so much more confidence in my ability.

M Maral M Balayan, Washington, United States - Apr 2014

One of the best trips of my life. I enjoyed every single day. Learned a lot from both David and Bernard. Vikki was a great help. The scenery and view was breathtaking everyday. Highly Highly recommend it to everyone, you will fall in love with the experience. I miss it everyday

M Maral M Balayan, Washington, United States - Apr 2014

O Murashova, Kyiv, Ukraine - Aug 2014

I had a great time! The course was a combination of useful, tasty and fun. The hosts are a very lovely couple, they did everything for our stay to be an enjoyable experience.

T Fleming, Somers, Australia - Jun 2014

This experienece exceeded my expectations in every possible way! I would highly recommend

J Rolfe, Thatcham, United Kingdom - Jun 2014

I thought my last cookery course in Puglia was excellent, this was even more excellent. David, Bernard and Vikki really went out of their way to make everyone at home, when you try and get strangers to follow the same direction it can be challenging, not on the course. Highly Recommended.

R Davis, Macclesfield, United Kingdom - Apr 2014

Beautiful location, highly welcoming & hospitable, very relaxed but still involves cooking and presentation of dishes at quite a high level of skill, though under no pressure. 100% recommended.

M Pam Chott, Apache Junction, USA - Mar 2014

Beautiful setting, extraordinary people, fabulous food and more fun than I could have imagined. The entire experience was great! Learning to prepare and serve lovely French meals was exciting and satisfying with the expert instruction of Chefs David and Bernard. They made it feel like I was cooking with friends in their kitchens. I also enjoyed the market day, the wonderful tours and especially the opportunity to join in some village activities. It was special to be a part of day to day life while I was there. I can recommend this wholeheartedly!

K Kosonen, Helsinki, Finland - Oct 2012

C Lee, Mid Level, Hong Kong - Sep 2012

This is the best experience I have in France. I'll definitely go again!

D Mahan, Christchurch, New Zealand - Jul 2012

David & Vikki were specialists in making people feel welcome but not only that - they spent the effort to listen to & get to know us as individuals. When I left I felt I was leaving a part of my family behind. I was not on vacation but attended this course to further my career.

L dreher, Long Beach, USA - Jul 2012

Amazing location, set in a beautiful farmhouse in the rolling hills of Gascony. This was a "real" cooking class, learned everything from filleting fish, flipping crepes, to the art of fois grois. Completely hands on from two expert chefs. The hosts, food, experience--all was incredible.

A Davey, Brentwood, England - Oct 2011

We had a fabulous week in Gascony. The welcome and hospitality could not have been better. The formula of traditional French cooking delivered expertly by Bernard and David was inspiring. A wonderful experience of cookery and culture in a truly wonderful location. A perfect activity break.

M Duma, manchester, United Kingdom - Aug 2011

Fabulous holiday. Learnt new skills and dishes that both me and my wife have replicated several times for friends and family. Pastry skills will stay with us for life. Great company, great hosts, faboulous food, excellents room, fantastic views from the breakfast table. Renewed my love of France.

S Chamberlain-Webber, Ashtead, UK - Jul 2011

I really enjoyed manny aspects of the course. David and Vickki are very sociable and friendly. Accomodation is lovely. Only criticism I would have is that I asked for an advanced course in cookery when I booked this. This was not an advanced course and I had done much of it before.

c jones, market drayton, united kingdom - Sep 2011

I preferred the "hands on" tuition from David rather than the more demonstration style used by Bernard. I have not yet received copies of the recipes cooked during the course which will hopefully arrive soon.

L Clark, Carrickfergus, United Kingdom - Apr 2011

A first class holiday. The tuition was excellent, my skills have improved no end. The setting is beautiful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this holiday to anyone enthusiastic about cooking and food.

G brown, Stoke on Trent, UK - Apr 2011

G brown, Stoke on Trent, UK - Apr 2011

Absolutely brilliant experience!! I enjoyed every aspect of the cooking holiday. The tuition was excellent & we were very well looked after in the most beautiful chateaux village of Gramont, an hour and a bit NW of Toulouse. A truly memorable 50th birthday special holiday. We'll be going back!!

S Hollis, London, United Kingdom - Nov 2010

A fantastic trip, and one which I would recommend to all ages and type of traveller. We learnt a lot but also had great fun which was a good combination. Fantastic hosts as well which further enhanced the experience. Negative would be returning to London kilos heavier due to delicious food!

I Payne, Russell Lea, Australia - Nov 2010

Highly recommended. A real opportunity to learn new skills in an exquisite rural setting. David and Bernard cover well the provincial and formal French cooking styles in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. You will find it hard to leave as we did.

E Cripps, Prinsted, England - Nov 2010

Haven't had so much fun in a long time!

A Ronnebeck Hall, Los Angeles, USA - Oct 2010

I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. Excellent instruction in a beautiful atmosphere from two chefs who make it fun and ensure each student leaves with tons of new skills. The hospitality and congenial atmosphere David provided were nothing short of extraordinary.

N Duggan, Dublin , Ireland - Oct 2010

Highly recommend this course -learned loads and lost the fear I had about how to prepare certain dishes - thanks for all the patience David! And then there is the amazing location.. the relaxed easy going atmosphere.. the fantastic company and great conversation and the genuine great fun!

Elda Orozco, México, D.F., Mexico - Sep 2010

Fantastic all-inclusive holiday!!!! David and Bernard took the time to walk everybody through the recipes and showed us the process in detail. Vikki is a great host that makes you feel at home all the time. I recommend this course without hesitation.

S Allen, st agnes, UK - Sep 2010

The holiday was far more than just a cookery course and exceeded all my expectations. I had a fantastic time and learnt an enormous amount, but had a lot of fun doing it. The hosts were exceptional in their hospitality

A Cichowska, London , United Kingdom - Aug 2010

I attended the course on my own and I could have not chosen a more friendly and caring holiday destination! David and Vikki, and the French chef Bernard, are true stars in both making you feel at home and teaching you cooking in true French spirit. I left with a great smile & can't wait to go back

A Cichowska, London , United Kingdom - Aug 2010

I attended the course on my own and I could not have chosen a more friendly and caring holiday destination! David and Vikki, and the French chef Bernard, are true stars in both making you feel at home and teaching you cooking in true French spirit. I left with a great smile and can't wait to go back

C Lawrenson, staunton, U.K. - Jun 2010

Would highly recommend the course and have definately learnt some new skills. David and Vicky made me most welcome and I hope to return some time. The all inclusive nature of the holiday was great and I felt was value for money,a relief not having to think about money, we were even given our 'pocket money' when we went food shopping in the local market!

K Mochan, London, United Kingdom - May 2010

I would thoroughly recommend this holiday to any foodies! It was also incredibly good value as all your meals and the various exciting outings are included throughout your six-day stay. And the hosts were the loveliest people I've met in years!

J Burnie, Edinburgh, UK - Apr 2010

I was MORE than impressed with the Cooking School and would not hesitate to recommend both them and Go Learn To.

M Ward, Vauxhall, UNITED KINGDOM - Sep 2009

We have had an amazing week. Gramont is such a perfect destination. We have learnt so much thanks to David & Bernard and are very sad it has all come to an end. We have felt so relaxed here, you have a special set up. We wish you health, wealth and happiness in all you do, and thanks for everything

M Williams, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom - Sep 2009

Having experienced a wonderful week learning new cooking skills I can highly recommend this course, the setting, hosts, tuition and food were all first class. The group included both beginners and competent home cooks and we all agreed that we had learned far more than was expected!